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Developing an iPhone App or Game: How much does it cost?


In recent years we’ve seen the mobile app and game market explode. The number of downloads from the Apple store is growing, and downloads from Google Play and stores for other mobile operating systems are increasing as well. There is a good reason for that. If you are a business owner, you just have to consider iPhone application development.

A good mobile app will not only make your company look more credible, but it will also drive traffic and revenue. Even developing a simple game can make you a fortune when it’s done the right way (think of the millions Flappy Bird made). So, it really does make sense to think about iPhone game app development. But where to start and how much will it cost?

Luckily, it is possible to get into iOS app development without having to invest a fortune. If all you want is a simple app, you can invest something between £1000 – £2000 and maybe get a great return of investment, especially if you hire an affordable UK game app developer. However, other apps (like complicated games) are expensive to develop, which means that you need to find a top quality game development company to justify your investment.

The final cost will depend on the type of the app you want to develop.

Types of Apps

There are a lot of different apps, but here are the most popular ones:

Basic functionality apps – something simple and functional, like email for iPhone.

Content-based apps – apps that rely on the content the user wants to have access to, like travel guides and so on.

Games – from simple games to amazing 3D physics engines. You’ll need to find the right app developer, London, to create a really good game.

Enhancement and tweak apps – apps that improve your device’s functionality.

Fully dynamic apps – apps to access external services, like Twitter, Facebook and so on.

Utilities – apps that are purely functional.

This pretty much covers all the apps out there. Now the question is which one to go for because iPhone application development services cost will depend on your choice.

The App Development Process

Another thing you need to understand before you make your decision is that iPhone app development is a multi-stage process and that each stage can incur additional cost. Let’s have a quick look at the stages:

  1. The idea
  2. The app’s functionality layout
  3. Designing the app
  4. Coding the app
  5. Releasing the app

Keep in mind that you can start from your app only after it’s released. And it can take some months for the app to start bringing any significant revenue.

iPhone App Development Costs

iPhone app development can be relatively inexpensive. iPhone game development usually costs more, but the final cost depends on the type of the game and how much you are prepared to invest. Here are some typical app development for iPhone and iPad prices:

Simple app – between £1500 – £3000. If you provide as much as you can in terms of content, directions, examples and maybe even some basic Photoshop designs, you can get your app live for as low as £2000. Just remember that the more advanced you want the functionality to be, the more the app will cost to develop.

Content-driven app (native)from £6000. Again, everything depends on what you can do yourself (and whether you want to do it yourself). The more advanced the functionality, the more the app will cost because the cost comes from creating the app’s logic and architecting its usability.

Games from £3000. Games are the most difficult to develop and that’s why they are so expensive to create. Because of their features and functionality, they can easily cost as much as £10,000 just for the code. And the design will not be cheap either. But the beautiful thing about iPhone game development is that the return of investment can be huge if the game becomes viral. That’s why it’s really worth it to hire the best iPhone and iPad game developers in London you can afford, so that they can create something amazing and unique.

Additional features

If you want your app to have some additional functionality, here are the typical prices for the most popular features:

In-app purchasing – between £400 – £1000.

Game Center – from £300.

Social media features – between £200 – £1500.

Right, that was just the code. The design is usually extra.

iPhone and iPad App Design Costs

The design of your app is something that can attract downloads or discourage them. It’s the first thing the user sees and a good design is the incentive to download. Basically, if you have a great app that works very well but has a boring design, you won’t get many downloads. So you really should invest into hiring a professional mobile app designer who specializes in iOS development and understands user flow and the space restrictions.

Typically, iPhone app design starts at £1000 and can go up to £5,000. It all depends on whether you want retina display compatible graphics, whether you want your app to work on iPhone only or all iOS devices, and so on. iPad designs tend to be quite a bit more expensive because of the different size and speed of the device.

When getting a designer to work on your app, make sure that he or she creates a good overall design, as well as provides all the icons you need for the Apple Store and attractive screenshots. Without them your app won’t be getting many downloads.

Total iOS App Development Costs

Now you know how much a typical app will cost. The only additional expenses are the $99/year Apple developer fee and 30% commission they take for each sale you make.

When developing an app or a game for iPhone, remember that the better your app is made, the more earning potential it has. It really makes sense to hire a professional mobile app developer that will not only create a top quality app, but will also provide support and documentation throughout the whole process.

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