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Should You Build a Native or a Hybrid Mobile App?


Are you trying to figure out whether you need a native or a hybrid mobile app? Both methods have their advantages and ultimately your choice depends on the type of app you’re going to build, your business model, the features you need, and your budget. In this article we’ll help you understand which app development strategy works best for you.

First of all, let’s have a look at the key differences between hybrid and a native apps.

A native app is specific to the platform you’re developing for. It leverages the full potential of the OS it runs on and gets the most of the hardware. It also works a lot faster than a hybrid app. The disadvantages are that it can’t be run on another platform (an iOS app won’t work on an Android device) and can be costly to develop. On the whole, a native app is a lot more of a “proper app” than a hybrid one.

A hybrid app can be run on any device because it combines Web code with native SDK. It’s quicker and easier to develop, but it can’t have all the features of a native app. Hybrid apps are slower than native ones, but they are cheaper to develop.

You should choose to develop a native app if:

  • You want to use native features, such as camera, contacts integration, etc.
  • You want the best speeds and user experience
  • You want to start developing for one platform and then expand (or can afford to develop an iOS and an Android app)
  • Your app is a game
  • You aren’t in too much hurry to get to the market

You should consider making a hybrid app if:

  • Your app relies on very frequent app updates that would be annoying if pushed through the App Store or Google Play
  • You want to go cross-platform from the start, but don’t have the budget to develop an iOS and an Android app
  • You want to release the app as quickly as possible
  • Your app doesn’t have to use any native features

There are a lot of other things to consider when choosing between native and hybrid, but we hope that we’ve helped you make your initial decision.

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