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3 Essential iOS 6 App Store Marketing Tips


The release of iOS 6 brought significant changes to Apple’s App Store. This means that some iPhone game marketing tips that worked well stopped being so effective. In this article we are going to share with you 3 essential iOS 6 App Store marketing tips for your game or app.

Concentrate on the visuals

The new App Store focuses on the visuals a lot, so images are now the centre of attention. For you, this means that your iPhone game or app has to have great visuals and you need to invest into uploading top quality screenshots and icons to the App Store. Your game is shown to the user in the swipe-card format and no text is shown until the user actually taps on the card. That’s why the graphics are more important than the app’s description in the new App Store. So if you want users to like your game well enough to download it, make sure the visuals are great. You won’t be able to convince them with low-quality screenshots.

Optimize for Genius

The new App Store got rid of categories because there are simply too many apps. Now it is ruled by search and Genius, a tool that recommends apps to users based on their download history. This means that the whole App Store search changed. Even though Genius seems to favour Apple’s apps over third party ones, it’s important to optimize your app listing for the new algorithm. Right now not much is known about the way it picks apps for recommendation, but the way it works will become clearer in time.

Optimize for search

And last but not least, you need to optimize your apps for search because more and more people are using it to discover apps and games. Because search results are displayed one at a time now, it’s crucially important to get your game to be among the first five results. Your app’s name is really important and so are the keywords. Remember that in iOS 6 you can use singular forms of keywords, so you can get rid of the plurals to squeeze in more characters. And remember that the app’s category becomes a keyword automatically, so you don’t need to repeat it. Make sure you don’t repeat your keywords in the app’s name and its in-purchase label, too, because Apple penalizes for that.

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