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WWDC 2013: Amazing New iOS 7 Features


iOS 7 got introduced by Apple at the WWDC on Monday, June 10th, and instantly received a lot of wows. As expected, the new iOS got hugely redesigned and looks awesome. And it has lots of brand new features. Some of these amazing iOS7 features were announced at the WWDC, but some were a complete surprise. So, here’s what’s new.

Brand New Lock Screen

The new iOS has a brand new lock screen that looks fresher. Apple shifted to flat design, which does have that real-life feel, but is all about simplicity.

Control Centre

iOS 7 has a brand new Control Centre that allows you to quickly access multiple device settings. Doing that is as easy as swiping up from any screen. You can use the Control Center to adjust your brightness, turn WiFi and Bluetooth on and off, switch the flashlight on, and more.

Improved Siri

Users craved for Siri improvements for a long time and it’s great that Apple made an effort to introduce them. Now Siri has a new male voice for U.S. users, so there’s more choice. In addition to that, iOS 7’s Siri recognizes more commands, such as “Increase my brightness” or “Turn on Bluetooth”.

Notifications Sync

This is a very welcome update. Now you won’t have to go through the same notification several times on your different devices – simply use Notification Sync. Once you check out a notification on one device, the same notification will be marked as read on your other iOS devices.

Walking Directions

Now Maps don’t just give you turn-by-turn driving directions. You can get walking directions too, which is really handy if you are visiting a new place. You can enable this feature by clicking on the walking icon.


This is a pretty cool feature that lets iOS 7 users send files to both their own and other’s devices located in the vicinity.

In addition to all these new iOS 7 features, the new OS has a redesigned music player, new Game Center design, Flikr and Vimeo integration, and lots more.

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