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Quick Tips for Making Your App More Visible


Are you looking for strategies to make your iOS app more visible to potential users? There are dozens of ways to market your app – some of them are very straightforward while others require careful planning. We thought we’d give you some quick and easy tips that work.

Work on app title and keywords

Nothing is more effective than getting downloads from organic visitors to your app’s listing on the App Store. That’s why you should work on your ASO (App Store Optimization). Your app’s title and the keywords you use are the two main factors that will make your app visible in search results. So make sure they are 100% relevant and appeal to your target audience.

Create a cool video

If a picture is worth a hundred words, a video is worth a thousand. Don’t ignore App Store’s option to add a video to your app’s listing and don’t forget to post a video on YouTube. If you don’t have the resources to create a cool video yourself, check out – you can hire someone to do the video for you for just $5.

Localize your app

If your app is intended for an international audience and is not tied to a specific organization or location (e.g. a university or a town), you should invest into translating it into several languages. The choice of languages depends on the type of your app and your target audience, but Spanish and German are the most popular choices.

Launch your app on a good day

You may think that it doesn’t matter when to launch your app, but research shows that certain days of the week work best for certain types of apps. We wrote a post on the subject, so make sure you check it out.

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