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Tools to Help You with App Store Competitor Research


When you’re developing an iPhone game or app, one day the time comes when you need to find out how competitor apps are performing on the App Store and what you can do to make yours better. That’s where App Store competitor research and analysis comes in. In this article we’re going to list some handy tools that will help you effectively research the competition.

App Annie

This is one of the best tools for all sorts of app analysis and research. There is a free and a premium version of App Annie and, to be honest, if you want complete intelligence, then you should get the premium version. But if your budget is limited, the free version provides enough tools for your basic competitor research. You get all sorts of stats, App Store analytics, and advertising analytics.


Even though this tool is in Beta, it can help you gain valuable insights into competition. The service is free, easy to use and very fast. All you need to do is visit the AppTrace website and type the competitor’s app name into the search field. You’ll then be presented with a report that includes all sorts of stats.

Flurry Analytics

Flurry is a free platform for mobile app analytics that offers access to a wide range of data. There are up to 10 customizable dashboards where you can track app usage, audience, technical data and events. While it doesn’t offer cohort analysis, Flurry does a great job for a free tool.

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