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How to Get Valuable Feedback for Your App


When you release your mobile app, there are bound to be some things that users may not like, not to mention some bugs that you may have missed. These things are usually easy to fix because your users will tell you about their problems in their reviews. But what if your app is not exactly what you thought your users wanted? If that’s the case, then you need to dig a bit deeper to get the feedback that will to fix your app.

Ideally, you should find a way to get user feedback before you release your app on the App Store. That way you’ll be able to improve your app without the stress of negative reviews and tight deadlines. Pre-releasing your app to your newsletter subscribers is one way of getting valuable feedback early on. Just make sure that your app offers a way for users to send feedback in an easy way. And if you want detailed comments, sending out a questionnaire via a newsletter a few days after the pre-release is a good idea. You can create surveys for free with tools like Google Docs and SurveyMonkey.

Another way to get feedback is to be active on Twitter. If you haven’t used Twitter to communicate with your users before, you’ll be amazed how many people choose Twitter to post comments about the apps they use and how many @ tweets you’ll get if something’s not right with your app.

And last but not least, remember that your users don’t want to destroy you with negative reviews – they want to use a quality app that comes from a developer who listens to user feedback.

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