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How to Optimize Your iOS App’s Keyword Field for More Impact


The goal of ASO is to optimize your app’s listing in such a way, that your potential customers can find your app quickly and easily. While the app’s name is probably the most important field in App Store Optimization, the “keywords” field has a very high impact on search ranking too. Here are some tips that will help you optimize your app keywords for more impact and improve your app’s discovery.

Use up all the available characters

The App Store gives you 100 characters for your keywords. That’s not a lot, so use this space wisely. Research your keywords well and try to optimize your app’s listing for less competitive keywords. Just like in SEO, it’s better to rank higher for a more specific keyword than be buried in the search results for a popular keyword.

You should also try to replace longer keywords with shorter ones. If they work just as well, you’ll save space and will be able to fit in more keywords.

Don’t use search phrases

The App Store’s algorithm works in such a way that using keyphrases is pointless. Instead of wasting space on spaces (couldn’t resist a pun), separate keywords by commas and iTunes will group them into phrases automatically. For example, write “document,scanner” instead of “document scanner”.

Use relevant keywords

The most common ASO mistake is choosing keywords that get the most searches, even if these keywords are not 100% relevant to the app. Keyword relevance should be your top priority because people only download relevant apps. Put simply, there’s no use in getting thousands of people to visit your app’s page if not a single one of them downloads the app.

Use keywords research tools to help you find the most relevant and the least competitive keywords and don’t forget to keep optimizing your app’s listing. ASO is an ongoing process.

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