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3 Tricks to Selling More In-App Purchases from Your Game


Does your game offer in-app purchases? If yes, then you’re on the right track because in-app purchases prove to be a solid revenue stream for mobile game developers from around the world. In this post we’ll share with you three tricks that will help you sell more in-app purchases.

1. People are curious. Play on that.
This is a good tip for iPhone game developers whose games have multiple levels. Most players are used to seeing some elements blurred out or otherwise obscured until they reach higher levels. But not everyone is patient enough to wait to reach these levels. That’s where your in-app purchase comes in and offers to show the element for a certain number of coins.

2. Make people pay to get the whole story
Nothing is more frustrating than reading a book only to reach the cliffhanger and find the last pages missing. Why not do the same with your game? Enchant your players with a story, introduce conflicts and then end it all with a cliffhanger. If they want to reach the very end, they’ll have to pay for the in-app purchase.

3. Be a timewaster
A tour when you start playing a game is OK (often handy, too). But what if that same tour character kept appearing and giving non-skippable tips during the game? That behavior would prompt many people to buy a tiny in-app purchase that added the “Skip” button. Just be careful with this technique and don’t overuse it because it could backfire and make people uninstall your game.

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