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How to Start with ASO the Right Way


App Store Optimization (ASO) is just as important for apps as SEO is important for websites. An ASO-optimized app listing ensures that your submission meets the App Store’s ranking criteria and has all the potential for rising to the top of search results. It also ensures that your target audience can easily find your app.

A lot of people submit their apps to the App Store without the necessary knowledge or research. As a result, their app gets buried in the search because of poorly written app name, description and the wrong use of keywords. That’s why you need to understand your customer and study your competition before you do anything else.

Your target audience research should include more than gender and age information. When you have a rough idea who your customers are, ask yourself these questions:

Why would they download my app?

What keywords would they use when looking for my app’s listing?

Which feature do they need most?

Which relevant keywords sound natural to them and which aren’t?

Answering these questions will help you write your app’s name, description and keywords using the language your target audience actually speaks.

Another thing you should do before submitting your app is take a good look at your competition. Ask yourself:

Which keywords are my direct competitors targeting?

What’s my app’s competitive advantage?

Which feature is my app’s cornerstone and are people likely to search for it?

Doing this will help you to choose less competitive keywords that describe your app well and have the potential to drive a good amount of organic search traffic to your app’s listing.

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