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Five Effective Ways to Stay Ahead of App Store Competition


As using mobile devices is becoming more popular than using a computer, the demand for native apps is increasing. And that provokes fierce competition on the App Store. So, how do you stay ahead of competition and perform well on the App Store? Here are five tips that will help.

Market your app to your existing users

If you have a website, a desktop app or a mailing list, don’t hesitate to tell your existing users about your app. These people are already using your service, so asking them to download your new app will give both you and them some value. Also don’t forget to ask them to rate your app after they’ve been using it for a while. A newsletter blast is a good way to do that.

Submit your application to app sites

The App Store is not the only way users discover apps. A lot of people read app-related blogs and browse app sites. Make sure you submit your app to as many app sites as you can and get some editorial reviews too.

Use videos

Everybody loves videos. So why don’t you create some high quality promotional videos for your app and post them on your site, YouTube and Vimeo! If you app has lots of functions, creating a series of video tutorials is a good idea too.

Advertise your app

Using mobile advertising is a pretty effective way to get people to download and install your app. Make sure your ads are well targeted and watch your user following grow.

Generate interest

Before you release your app, make sure that your marketing team does some work and creates some buzz. Generate interest before you launch your app and continue to publicize it when it’s released. Reach out everywhere you can on the launch date and make sure you are discussed on social media, forums and blogs.

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