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Which Metrics to Use to Improve Your Mobile Ads Targeting?


Do you use mobile ads to build your audience? And if you do, are these ads performing as well as you’d like? A good way to improve your mobile ads campaign is to work on your targeting. Well-targeted ads lead to better click-through rates and better user retention. Here are three metrics that will help you to target your mobile ads the smart way.

Targeting by device

Using device targeting is essential because it allows you to serve your ads only to users who can download and install your app. Some mobile ads networks allow you to use broad device targeting, e.g. specify whether you want your ads to show on smartphones, tablets or both. Other networks are more configurable and let you specify operating systems and device models/brands. For example, if you develop iPhone games, you can target your ads to be displayed for iPhone users only.

Targeting by demographics

This is another crucial targeting metric that is quite easy to implement. Demographic targeting means looking at factors like age, gender, education, marital status, etc. As a rule, you should start working on your demographic targeting before you even sit down to write your ad. Do some market research and find out what type of people are most likely to use your app. When you know the answer to this question, you can start working on your ad’s creative and design.

Targeting by location

If you have an app that heavily relies on the user’s location or if you have a large user following in a particular country, you should use location targeting for your ads. For example, if you want to serve your ads to iPhone users in the UK, you should specify that and make your ad sound good to British people. And if you have a large German audience, make sure you translate your ad creative into German.

Remember that it’s always better to launch your ads with broad targeting than optimizing for a very small audience before you even know how well the ad performs.

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