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The New Apple App Store Lays Groundwork for Freebies


Apple has released a new version of its Apple Store iOS app. According to Apple, the new version has performance enhancements and an improved search to let users find what they need really quickly. Plus it makes it really easy to buy things right from the iPhone.

The update to the app got announced last week and there was a report that suggested some changes to the way the app behaves. For one, there was word that Apple would start offering free downloads from the Apple Store app, such as content from the iTunes Store, the App Store and iBookstore.

Now that the update has been issued (in fact, the app was updated twice and nobody is sure why – the release notes didn’t change), the app actually looks the same. But it’s possible that there are changes to the framework that will offer new deals within the app. Some experts even suggest that only users browsing the Apple Store will see free content displayed.

According to Apple, revamping the app was part of the company’s effort to increase the number of in-store iPhone sales. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, even said that iPhone is a “gateway product” that gives customers an incentive to buy other Apple products.

Right now a relatively small percentage of iPhones is sold through Apple’s stores because the majority of them comes from carriers and electronic retailers. It’s very likely that by offering free content through the app, Apple wants to attract more iPhone buyers.

Apple is even thinking about implementing a new iPhone trade-in program to encourage users to upgrade to the latest iPhone models through their own stores.

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