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4 Effective Ways to Promote Your iOS App


Have you developed an awesome iOS app and submitted it to the App Store? Even if you’ve done your ASO and added an engaging video to make your app’s listing stand out, you still need to do some work to raise the public’s awareness about your app. Here are some ideas that will help you effectively promote your app.

  1. Get your app reviewed

Ratings and reviews on the App Store matter, but you should also get industry bloggers to review your app on their websites. Comprise a list of blogs that review mobile apps and submit your app to them. Good sites to start with are,, and

  1. Create a dedicated website or landing page

A lot of app developers either fail to get a website for their app altogether or just post a few sentences on their company website when they release a new app or game. That’s not enough. Because quite a few people find apps via Google and not the App Store, it’s vital to have an engaging and SEO-optimized website or landing page for your app.

  1. Don’t forget search engine marketing

Sometimes it’s good to promote a mobile app just like you would promote desktop software. Consider using Google AdWords and Bing Search Marketing to reach a wider user audience.

  1. Organize giveaways

If yours is a paid app or a free app with in-app purchases, a good way to promote it is to organize giveaways. You can use your app’s social media profiles and blog for that, or you can ask industry bloggers to feature a giveaway for your app and accompany it with a review.

Remember that even the best of apps wouldn’t have become popular without promotion. So invest your time into following these steps and raise awareness about your app.

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