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Why Does iOS 7 Beta Frustrate Mobile App Developers?


iOS 7 Beta has only been available to mobile app developers for only a few weeks and it looks like early feedback is not all what Apple expected. But why is this happening? Let’s try to find out.

When Apple worked on iOS 7, the company made it beautiful and very consumer-oriented. But at the same time the new iOS is not all that friendly for app developers. Why is that? The answer is very simple. Apple simply concentrated on the visual side of things and didn’t do a lot from the under the hood functionality point of view. Obviously, iPhone and iPad users will enjoy the elegant new interface, but app developers are more interested in features and functions. In any case, most iPhone app developers can live with that. What they find really frustrating is that iCloud is closed to developers.

These days iPhone and iPad users rely on cloud storage more and more, which means that they use iCloud a lot. Because of this, iPhone and iPad app developers really need to be able to access iCloud and integrate with it. Unfortunately, right now iCloud is only used for backup and restore, and iOS developers cannot integrate the service with their apps. From the app development perspective, this is a disaster. It’s true that it looks like Apple starts recognizing developer frustration with iCloud, but there is no way of knowing when there will be an option to integrate it with third party apps. Basically, the developers want to deliver a good service to the customer. And since iCloud integration is not possible, they may switch to third-party API or even switch to Android altogether.

However, there is one thing that makes app developers want to stick with Apple – money. Developing for Android is nowhere near as profitable as developing for the iOS. According to Apple, it has paid more $9 billion in royalties to iPhone app developers through the App Store alone. And currently there is a spike in iPhone sales, which means more iPhone users and more profit for developers.

iPhone app developers are waiting for the release of iOS 7 to the public this autumn, which is expected to boost iPhone sales, and consequentially app sales, even more.

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