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Essential Mobile UX Design Tips


A key thing for developing a successful and popular app is getting the UX right. UX stands for “user experience” and ensures that your app’s design, functionality and flow are just right for your target audience. In this article we’re going to share some essential mobile UX design tips.

Go for task-based design

People use your app to complete certain tasks and get certain results. Always remember this when designing the app and ensure that every function of your app is helping users to identify a task and complete it. To do that, you need to understand your customer persona very well and anticipate your users’ actions.

Be as native as possible

Whether you’re designing an app for iOS, Android or Windows, you always need to keep in mind what people are used to on a particular platform. Make sure you read all platform documentation and use native OS interface kits as guidelines.

Keep the design clean

The nature of mobile devices is that the user keeps getting interrupted. This means that your users will keep getting distracted when they are using your app. Your job is to make it as intuitive as possible when they are coming back to the app screen. Don’t overload your user and make functions easy to re-engage with.

Good UX is a work in progress

The mobile experience keeps evolving and your app’s design should evolve with it. Keep doing audience research, be responsive to user feedback and keep up to date with best design practices to ensure people get the best possible experience when using your app.

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