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iPhone App Developers See the Importance of iOS 7


A recent survey by Twitterrific developer Craig Hockenberry shows that a vast majority of iPhone and iPad app developers think that it’s very important to support iOS 7. As much as 95% said that they were working on updating their apps to support Apple’s new operating system.

One of the main reasons for app developers to work vigorously on iOS 7 updates are interface changes that need to be reflected in the apps’ design for them to look good. Because of the new iOS 7 new look, preparing app updates requires a lot more work than ever before.

Another interesting fact unveiled by the survey is that 52% of developers said that their apps and app updates will require iOS 7 to work. This is an interesting result, but not altogether unexpected. The reason for this are the drastic changes in the new iOS that make it difficult for iOS 7 apps to work well on the previous versions of the operating system. This is interesting news for consumers that some people may not like. The update pretty much forces people to upgrade to a newer device if they want to keep using their iPhones the way they always did.

As for iPhone game developers, the upgrade to iOS 7 shouldn’t be a very big deal. Because most iOS changes are around look and feel, games that have their own design and go full screen will not require almost any changes.

In addition to the new look, iOS 7 has new features for developers. These features include AirDrop and expanded sharing, new Game Center features, new Multitasking support for background updates, Sprite Kit and iBeacon support for Bluetooth LE, barcode scanning, new Map Kit features for navigation and overlays, lots of new audio and video features including high frame rate video capture, and more.

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