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3 Quick Tips to Make Developing for the iOS Quicker and Easier


Most iPhone developers in the UK are always keeping an eye open for ways to improve their workflow and simplify the app development process, be it a keyboard shortcut or a simple script. In this article, we’ll share with you three tips that will make your Xcode development quicker and easier.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

There is a keyboard shortcut for nearly every Xcode command, which you can learn and customize. Learning keyboard shortcuts is tremendously beneficial and can streamline your work. If you don’t like the default shortcuts for some reason, it’s always possible to customize them via the Preferences window. Just go to the Key Bindings tab.

2. Code Snippets

If you know your way around iPhone app development, it’s very likely that you use a code snippet manager like CodeBox or TextExpander. But even if you don’t use a third party tool, you can still save a lot of time by using Xcode’s built in snippet manager. You can find it in the right-hand sidebar, next to the Object Library.

In Xcode, each and every code snippet has several additional attributes that make snippets really flexible and powerful. Each snippet has a common Platform and Language attribute, plus the completion scope that is particularly useful when it is integrated with Xcode’s editor. Each snipped can also have multiple placeholders. This makes using them really worthwhile.

3. Tabs and Windows

Every single multitasker knows how useful it can be to have more than one window open, so that you can switch between them. In mobile app development, it’s really handy to have more than one window when you are working in the console and the editor. Or if you use dual monitors.

Xcode 4 allows you to use multiple windows – just create a new one by pressing Shift + Cmd + T or go to File > New > Window.

If you don’t like having multiple windows, you may find tabs really useful. Pretty much every code editor supports tabs, and Xcode is no exception. You can even name tabs and group them by their name and/or behaviour. This is particularly handy for debugging.

You will be amazed how much these simple iOS development tips can improve your workflow and increase your productivity.

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