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4 Tips to Optimize Your App Screenshots for More Impact


Every app listing on the App Store has app screenshots. Some publishers simply upload whatever, which is not very productive, and some turn app screenshots into powerful marketing messages. In this article we’ll give you four tips that will help you optimize app screenshots for more impact, so that they’ll help you increase downloads.

  1. Demonstrate your app’s features and functions

When you add screenshots to your app’s listing, your job is to not only show what your app looks like, but also demonstrate its features and functions. So make sure you select good-looking and descriptive screenshots for the listing.

  1. Add descriptions

If you want to go one step further, you can add descriptions to the screenshots and actually tell users what the app does. This way you turn your screenshots into a visual tutorial and help people find out more about the app without reading the description.

  1. Tell a customer persona story

Another way to persuade potential users to download your app is to add a customer persona story to the screenshots. This is a really good way to explain how exactly your app can help users solve a problem or get something done quickly and easily. Even though this approach doesn’t work for all types of apps, it can be very effective.

  1. Localize your screenshots

If your app is available in several languages, it’s a good idea to localize your screenshots. The App Store requires at least one localized screenshot per localization and you can add four more for each language. We recommend that you upload all five to use the maximum marketing space.

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