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Tips That Will Help You Get Your App Reviewed by the Media


One of the best ways to spread the word about your app is to get it reviewed by the media. When a popular blog or website reviews your app or game, you not only get free publicity, but you also get the boost in downloads. Here are some tips that’ll help you get noticed by the media.

Attract attention

Popular review websites are e-mailed hundreds of times a day. This means that the editors don’t have the time to read every e-mail about every app. Only the e-mails with the most interesting subject lines get read. If your e-mail subject is too long, the e-mail probably won’t even get opened. Try to be to the point – write something like “Review request: [name of your app]”. Also make sure that you give the editor the reason why he or she should review your app in the first sentence of your e-mail.

Make it easy to download your app

Remember that reviewers are busy people. So if you want to get your app reviewed, make it easy for the reviewer to download and activate it. Provide a download link or a code, and don’t forget to make your paid app available for the reviewer for free.

Contact reviewers by social media

If you’re trying to contact writers from popular websites, it’s often a lot more effective to use social media rather than e-mail. Try using Twitter or Facebook to get in touch with the person who might be interested in reviewing your app. If you’re contacting him or her on Twitter, @ replies are more effective then direct messages.

Be responsive

And last but not least, make sure that you respond to all media enquiries in a timely manner. It won’t do any good if someone asks you a question about your app and you are late with your reply.

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