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Why You Should Submit Your Game to the Amazon Appstore


As a mobile game developer, you know the obvious places to submit your game – Apple App Store and Google Play. But these are not the only places where you can list your app, as Amazon now has its own app store. Let’s have a look at it and see why you should submit your game to Amazon Appstore.

 Games are popular on Amazon

Distimo analyzed app downloads from Amazon Appstore and saw that 68% of all UK and US downloads in the first quarter of 2014 were games. That alone is a solid reason for a mobile game developer to submit the game to Amazon Appstore. The second top category was Entertainment with 8% of total downloads.

 Amazon can boost your revenues

Listing your game or app on Amazon as well as on the App Store or Google Play can significantly boost your revenues. Nemo’s Reef is a living proof of that, as in March 2014 it generated 97% more downloads from Amazon than from the App Store.

It can be easier to get to the leaderboard

It’s not a secret that getting to the top on the App Store or Google Play is not easy. But since Amazon Appstore is not as hugely popular with the developers yet, you get a bigger chance to get to the leaderboard.

These are the main reasons why you should submit your game to the Amazon Appstore. Do it and track your results to see how it compares with Apple’s App Store or Google Play, so that you can optimize your revenue flow.

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