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5 App QA Tips to Ensure a Flawless Launch


Launching a bugless app and releasing a quality update is what every mobile app developer aims for. QA (Quality Assurance) is the process without which releasing a bug-free app is not possible. And yet, a lot of app publishers often overlook QA. In this article we’re going to share with you 5 app QA tips that will help you ensure a flawless launch.

  1. Involve QA early

The earlier your Quality Assurance specialists will start working with the rest of the team, the better. This will give them time to create test plans and cases, as well as automate the process.

  1. Make sure QA covers all aspects of your launch

QA doesn’t just ensure that your code is OK – there’s much more to it. Involve your QA team early and make sure they test everything they can, including accessibility, performance, security and other aspects.

  1. Allow enough time and budget

One of the common mistakes app publishers make is that they don’t allocate enough budget for Quality Assurance and don’t give the QA team enough time to test the app thoroughly. This makes it easy for bugs to sneak into your release, so do try to at least give QA enough time.

  1. Run real tests

Make sure your QA tests are run on real devices. For example, if you are an iPhone app developer, make it possible for your QA specialists to test the app on all supported iPhone models and screen sizes. This will help them spot a lot of nasties that aren’t obvious when the app is not tested on a physical device.

  1. Don’t give QA up

QA doesn’t only happen before the launch. It should be an integral part of the whole development and maintenance process. Constant Quality Assurance reduces overall app maintenance cost because it makes it possible to fix bugs early and keeps your users happy.

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