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Handy Keyword Tips for the App Store and Google Play


The App Store and Google Play are still not perfect when it comes to app discovery and a lot of smartphone users keep complaining about that. As a developer, you can do a lot to help your users find your app quicker by choosing the right keywords and putting them in the right place. Here are some keyword tips for the App Store and Google Play that will help you.

The App Store

– Keep your title short and descriptive as it gets cut off after 12 characters.

– The App Store adds the category name to your keyword list automatically, so there’s no need to duplicate it. And if your app is free, the word “free” will be added automatically too.

– All your keywords must not exceed 100 characters.

– Give preference to single keywords, not keyphrases.

– Try not to repeat the keywords used in the title.

– Don’t mimic your competitors’ keywords, but try to find something unique and relevant.

Google Play:

– The keywords in your app’s description are more important to Google than separate keywords.

– It appears that having five keywords works best.

– The app description should have your keywords between three and six times.

– Never use repetitive or irrelevant keywords if you don’t want to get flagged.

– Google will also show your app in the Web search if you use effective keywords.

– You can change your app’s description whenever you want to, so take advantage of that to add or edit keywords.

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