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Get a Taste of iPhone App Development in Under 1 Hour


It’s not a secret that iPhone app development is a huge money making opportunity. People are raving about how much the developers of apps like Angry Birds and Candy Crush make. To cut a long story short, developing an iOS app can be very profitable. That’s the best part. The not so good part is that if you want to create a great app, you either need to be a professional or you need to hire iPhone app developers, London. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a taste of how it feels to develop an app. Here is how you can create a very simple one in under an hour.

Download Xcode

The first thing you’ll need to do is download and install Xcode. You need to be on a Mac to use it (sorry, Windows and Linux users!) and it installs just like any other Mac app.

Create a project

When you are done installing all 4GB worth of Xcode, you’ll need to open it and go to File – New – Project. Then you’ll be able to choose one of the templates. Choose Single View Application for this project. You will then need to type in a name for this project. It can be anything: My Project, First Project, and so on. After that, select iPhone as a platform and follow the rest of project setup instructions. They are fairly easy.

Now you have your project, it’s time to create the code!

Write the code

Your new project should open automatically when you finish setting it up. When it opens, you will see a bunch of files. Find ViewController.h and open it. Now add @property (strong)IBOutlet UILabel *label; between @interface and @end.

Now open ViewController.m and add @synthesize label; after @implementation ViewController. Then look below @implementation and you’ll find a function called (void)viewDidLoad. Add self.label.text = @”My First App!”; right below it, just before the } sign.

That’s it with the programming! Now let’s tie your code with the interface.

Connect the interface

Now open MainStoryboard.storyboard and search for a label in the right-hand pane, under Object. Then open ViewController.m in the Assistant Editor. Now look for a small circle to the left of @property. Grab this circle and drag & drop it onto the label you’ve just created. That’s it!

Preview your app

If everything was done correctly, you will be able to preview your app. To do that, look for the Play button near the top of Xcode window. Choose your simulator and you should see “My First App!” on the simulated iPhone screen once you click on the Play button.

This was fun, wasn’t it! Now you got a taste of what iPhone app development feels like. You can now experiment with Xcode and learn programming, but if you want to create a cool app or game right away, better let the pros do their work.

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