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Google Authenticator Is Back to the App Store


Google Authenticator iOS app became synonymous to the word “fail” recently. To cut a long story short, Google issued an update to the app and this update was supposed to make Google Authenticator work well with Retina display devices and give it a more modern interface. Unfortunately, the update had a bug. What this bug did was annoying at best – it removed users’ existing accounts. To give Google credit, they removed the app from the App Store pretty quickly and now they issued Google Authenticator 2.0.1 with the bug fixed.

The release notes for the updated version say that the update “restores entries that were not displayed due to a bug in version 2.0”. So, now existing and new users can download the app again and enjoy a new Google 2013 interface, support for Retina displays and iPad screen, and improved accessibility. The bug has been fixed and all your account should be back to normal.

Keep in mind that if you were one of the unfortunate people to install the buggy update and created a new account when your existing one got deleted, it’s best to remove it because Google Authenticator 2.0.1 will restore your deleted account. So, if you don’t want to end up with two identical accounts, delete the newly created one.

Also, Google Authenticator still appears to be buggy on the iPad for some users, so you may want to avoid using it until there is another update.

This bug from Google shows that even big companies are prone to mistakes and you can’t be too careful when releasing a new app or updating your existing ones.

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