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Survey Shows that the iPhone Has 40% of the U.S. Smartphone Marketshare


The latest figures from comScore MobiLens and Mobile Matrix show that Apple has strengthened its position on the U.S. smartphone market. Its market share is now 40.4% and has been such for the three months ending in July 2013.

The iPhone helped Apple to stay the number one smartphone manufacturer in the USA. In fact, the phone’s market share increased by 1,2% compared to the previous three months. Even though Google Android remains the most popular operating system for smartphones in the States, the gap between Apple and its main rival, Samsung, remains huge. The number of Apple users keeps increasing, as more people are migrating to the iPhone.

It’s still not clear how the release of iOS 7 will affect the market, but it’s already evident that everything Apple had done in the past made its share grow and attracted more loyal fans. iPhone 5 was a huge success and everybody is waiting for the new iPhone 5S now. In fact, people are already forming lines to be the first to get it (which is interesting because the release date is still not settled).

comScore’s latest research is in line with previous research by other industry analysts. The surveys show that Apple is picking up steam and keeps growing in the U.S. market. Even though Android is still hugely popular, the trend is moving toward Apple while Android’s popularity is steadily slipping.

This trend is very important for smartphone app developers because it shows which apps will be in demand in the near future. So, if you are considering getting into iPhone app development, now is a great time to start.


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