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The Difference Between iOS and Android Developers


When the iPhone SDK (now iOS SDK) was introduced back in 2008, Apple emphasized that it had similar foundation as OS X. Of course, there are differences, but there is a core similarity in developing for the iOS and Mac.

It’s interesting to note that the Mac always attracted very talented and dedicated developers. It was only natural that a large portion of them started developing for the iPhone.  In addition to this bunch, the iOS attracted a lot of non-Mac developers and quite a few of creative game developers looking for new areas where their talents could be applied. But even though these non-Mac developers are talented, the majority of the best and the most popular iOS apps, such as Omni Focus, Twitterific, Letterpress and Screens, are developed by people with a background developing for the Mac. Add to that native iOS apps and you’ll get the idea.

Android started off differently. By contrast, Android apps are mostly based on Java, which means that developing for Android requires less effort and learning (a lot of developers are familiar with Java). So, compared to iOS developers, they don’t need to have the same in-depth knowledge and dedication. True, there are a lot of amazing Android apps, but they are more an exception than the rule.

To be sure, a lot of people are attracted to Android development because of the huge Android market share. However, it’s not as simple as it looks. Even though Android is the most popular platform so far, the iPhone’s market share is constantly growing. Add to that the people who are buying iPhones for the first time and you’ll get a huge boon to developers. They will start choosing their favourite platform instead of trying to develop for the popular and free one.

And don’t forget that iOS 7 is coming out very soon. It will definitely change the smartphone apps world, and developing for the iPhone will gain the upper hand.


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