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3 Things You Need to Know When Converting Your App Design to iOS 7

Apple is releasing the new iOS 7 this autumn and we already know that it will be very different from the design point of view. Apple promises that it will make your iPhone leaner, more useful and even more enjoyable that ever before.

For iPhone app developers, iOS 7 means a major design change, a fresh UI and new trends in the user and device relationships. So, here are three things you need to know to painlessly convert your app design to iOS 7.

1. Make it simple

Those who had a glimpse at iOS 7 teaser screenshots will know that the new operating system is all about simplicity. The overall look is very clean and some even think that app icons are kind of dressed down. So, if your apps use heavy gradients and shadows, now is the time to rework their look to match the clear and simple iOS 7 design.

2. Keep it interactive

In the new iOS Apple is emphasizing the increase of interactivity between native apps. This means that iOS 7 apps will be more visible and they will be even easier to access. Keep this in mind and work out how your apps can interact with those around it. You may even intentionally leave some gaps in your app’s functionality and link to native iOS apps to complement yours. Think of your app as an ingredient in Apple’s recipe.

3. Don’t completely rework your design

Even though you will need to make changes to your app design, you shouldn’t completely ditch its current look. Stay true to your brand and make sure it will still look familiar to your users. People like stability just as much as innovation.

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