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The True Value of User Reviews for Your Mobile App Marketing


Every mobile app developer loves getting good ratings and user reviews. But did you know that the reviews on the App Store and Google Play have a lot of marketing and ASO value? In this post we’re going to explain the true value of user reviews for your app marketing efforts.

You can mine reviews for keywords

Reviews from your and competitors’ apps are a goldmine for keywords. Analyzing them will help you identify the keywords people are using to find an app like yours. Quite often you’ll discover keywords you never would have considered.

People look at reviews before they download

Surveys show that as much as 75% of people looking to download an app or a game make their decision based on reviews and ratings by others. Generally speaking, apps with a 3-star rating don’t even get considered. That’s why making sure that your rating stays high is a top priority if you want more installs. Put simply, good reviews build trust and show that you are committed to keeping your app bug-free and functional.

Apps with good ratings appear higher in search

The App Store’s search algorithm is pretty obscure, but it’s safe to say that having good reviews and high ratings gives you some advantages. When your app has lots of positive user reviews, it’s more likely to appear in the search results higher than competitors’ apps. Add to that the trust value we’ve just discussed, and you’ll see why your app will likely get more installs and better user retention if people keep recommending it.

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