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How Much Do Average Smartphone Apps Make?


In the last few years more and more people jumped on the app development bandwagon. While quite a few develop apps as a hobby, the main reason mobile app developers get out there is money. So, let’s see how much an average smartphone app can bring you and which platform, iOS or Android, has the potential to generate more profit.

In one of our previous posts we told you that Android is the most popular smartphone operating system with 900 million users. Apple is the second big player in this game of numbers with 600 million iOS devices purchased. However, this is the case where the most popular doesn’t mean the most profitable. Let’s have a look at some figures.

Apple claims to have paid out $5 billion to its developers, whereas Google’s payouts were at $900 million. That’s a pretty big gap, especially since there are more Android users in the world, and the number of app downloads are pretty much the same (50 billion downloads for Apple and 48 billion downloads for Google). Clearly, Apple is winning the game here.

And now let’s see how much an iOS app makes per download compared to an Android app.

Let’s take into account the data we already have. On average, both iOS and Android app developers have about five apps per developer. This means that Android gets roughly 60,000 downloads per app, whereas Apple gets about 40,000 downloads. And now the interesting bit: the average revenue per download is roughly $0.01 for Android and $0.10 for iOS! That’s a really big difference.



Apps per developer



Download per app



Revenue per download



The average paid app costs $0.99 and the figures above show that Android developers lost out because there are lots and lots of free apps.

Anyway, what do these figures mean in terms of revenue? Let’s have a look.

Based on our calculations, average revenue for an Android app is $1,125 and average revenue for an iOS app is $4,000. With five apps per developer on average, this means that Android developers can make $5,625 from their apps and Apple developers can make $20,000.



Average revenue per app



Average revenue per developer



If you ask me, the difference is more than substantial.

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