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iPhone 5s Fingerprint Scanner: How Does Touch ID Work


Most iPhone fans knew (or at least strongly suspected) that iPhone 5s was coming with a fingerprint scanner. The rumours were true and iPhone 5s does indeed have a feature called Touch ID, a secure biometric fingerprint scanning authentication method. The goal of Touch ID is to make iPhones more secure, as today’s users either have a simple passcode or use no security at all. Let’s have a closer look at the technology behind Touch ID and find out how it actually works.

Touch ID is seamlessly integrated with the device’s home button. The system consists of a flat sapphire crystal, a detection ring and fingerprint sensor made of stainless steel.

The new home button has a built-in 500 ppi sensor that can scan sub-dermal layers of skin from a variety of different angles. This gives a very detailed 3D map of a fingerprint.  According to Apple, this technology can recognize multiple fingerprints, which means that one can use it to give specific permissions to different users.

Apple states that all data collected by iPhone’s fingerprint scanner is encrypted and stored securely. What’s important is that it’s never shared with other software and is never backed up on Apple’s servers. This means that the data will be very hard to crack. To cut a long story short, Touch ID technology will give iPhone users an upper hand when it comes to security.

According to Apple officials, Touch ID can be used to unlock the device, and to access iTunes and App Store accounts. It could also mean that it’s a step closer to seamless mobile payment authentication with multiple user access, as the fingerprint scanner can recognize multiple fingerprints.

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