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How to Submit Your iPhone App to the App Store


So you want to submit your newly developed app to the App Store. Thankfully, Apple pretty much streamlined the process, but it’s still a bit daunting for a newby. In this article we’ll cover the basics that will help you to get started.

First of all, you will need to have a developer account. This account costs $99/year. Even if you are submitting a free app to the App Store, you will still need to have the paid iOS developer account. When you are creating your account, make sure that all your details are correct. And remember that you will need to submit proof of identity and address (usually your ID and a scan of your utility bill).

When you have your account set up, you will need to create the app ID for the app you are submitting. Go to iOS Provisioning Portal (the link is on the right-hand side of your iOS developer site when you are logged in), and select App ID from the sidebar. Click the button to create a new app ID. Now go to XCode click Target – Summary, and change the Identifier to whatever the new app ID is.

The next step is to create a distribution certificate. This is done with Keychain Access. First open Keychain Access, go to Preferences and turn off OCSP and CRL. Then click on Keychain Access menu and select Certificate Assistant – Request Certificate from Authority. Follow the steps to create the certificate, download it and then install it.

When you are done with the certificate, you will need to create a distribution provisioning profile. Again, you will need to go to the Provisioning Portal, select Provisioning – Distribution and create a new profile. Make sure you set App Store as the distribution method.

When that’s done, you will need to check code signing and build settings. That can be done in XCode. Just open XCode and look for Code Signing in the Build Settings area. Make sure that your release options for the project and the app target have your distribution profile selected.

Now we need to archive your app. This has to be done for you to be able to submit it. Just click on Edit Schemes and check if your scheme is set to Release. Then, use the Auto-Create Schemes functionality.

And finally it’s time to submit your app to iTunes Connect. To do that, go to iTunes Connect and click on Add New App. When the app is added and its status is set to Waiting for Upload, don’t forget to go back to XCode, open XCode Organizer – Archives and hit the Submit button.

So, now you know how to submit your app to the App Store. If you are still confused, get in touch and we’ll help you out.

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