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Useful Tips for iOS9 App Development


iOS 9 has quite a few things app developers need to take into account. In this article we’re going to share with you some tips that will come in handy when you are working on your app.

In-built app discovery features

Did you know that the new API can help you with app search, discoverability and marketing? iOS 9 uses additional meta data and introduces deep linking, which is great for search. Basically, now your app will be shown in iOS spotlight search and its content will be exposed. And if your users regularly turn to this feature within your app, Apple will suggest your app to new users.

3D Touch

The coming of iPhone 6s makes it possible for app developers to use 3D Touch, a cool new feature that will add a true 3D feel to iPhone apps. 3D Touch is introduced via a very simple API that opens up vast possibilities for control options in games, sketching apps and more.

App Transport Security

This new iOS 9 feature improves connections’ security between your app and Web services. It adds default secure connection requirements to your app (HTTPS), which improves user privacy and security. If your app uses assets that are not served over HTTPS, there is a possibility to disable App Transport Security. It’s possible to disable it selectively or completely, depending on your requirements. You can also disable App Transport Security as a whole, but enable it for important domains.

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