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4 Tips Every iPhone User Should Know


Whether you started using the iPhone back in 2007 when the first model was launched or just got yourself a shiny new iPhone 5, there could be many functions you aren’t using. And you should! Here are four things every iPhone user should know.

1. Use a pass code

Yes, using a pass code can be annoying and seem unnecessary. But you should be using it if you want your private information to be protected in case your iPhone gets lost or stolen. If you store your business data on your iPhone, you can’t risk to compromise it. Luckily, it’s possible to create a fully customizable pass code that you can even manage remotely. Just hire the right mobile app developers in London and they will create a custom app for you.

2. Take screenshots

Did you know that you can take screenshots of your iPhone? It’s easier than you think! All you need to do is press the Home and Power buttons together and hold them for a moment. Your iPhone will take the screenshot and save it to your Photo app.

3. Increase battery life

Of course, you can’t boost your iPhone’s battery life beyond its capacity, but you can make it last longer. If you are running out of power, turning off services like Bluetooth and WiFi will increase your phone’s battery life for just enough time to plug your phone in.

4. Keyboard shortcuts

Sometimes you may be short on time when typing a message. Well, you can make messaging faster by using keyboard shortcuts. You can configure the shortcuts by going to Settings – General and then scrolling down to Keyboard – Shortcuts. Tap the upper-right + button to add a phrase, a name, or a long word you use regularly, and then assign a shortcut to it. It’s a good idea to use a combination of letters you will easily remember and make sure these letters don’t make a real word. For example, you can use “omw” for “on my way”.

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