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3 Cool Hidden iOS 7 Features


And finally iOS 7 is here! The new 64-bit Apple mobile operating system has been the subject of heated discussions for months and now you can update your device, start using it and decide for yourself whether you love it or hate it.

iOS 7 has lots of new features (over 200 according to Apple) and not all of them are obvious and easy to access. In this article we’ll share with you three cool, but hidden iOS 7 features you can start using today.

1. Search with Siri

True, you could always use Siri to do a Web search, but with iOS 7 the search results got a lot smarter and more customized. Now you can search for everything: tweets by name or topic, you can search for images and get the results displayed in Siri’s interface, and you can search for the latest news. The best bit is that you cuse natural language – just talk to Siri and it will find whatever you are looking for using Bing.

2. Teach Siri

If you have an unusual name or if you need Siri to pronounce a foreign word, you know how annoying it is when it completely messes things up. Well, now you can actually teach Siri to pronounce things right. Whenever a word is mispronounced, just say: “That’s not how you pronounce that” and then give Siri a short elocution lesson.

3. Use Your iPhone as a Bubble Level

Folks who love DIY projects – rejoice! You can now ditch the traditional bubble level and use your iPhone instead. Go to the Compass app, swipe to its second screen and you’ll be able to check if a surface is level or not.

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