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Apple iPhone 5s: What’s Inside


Apple’s new iPhone 5s is being called “the most forward thinking” smartphone on the market. The new model is packed with sensors, can do a lot of thinking on its own, and comes with a new fingerprint scanner (Touch ID) as well as M7 motion chip. Let’s have a more detailed look at what’s inside the new iPhone.

Touch ID

It’s long been rumoured that iPhone was going to release a model with a fingerprint scanner. iPhone 5s lives up to the rumours and features a new function called Touch ID with the fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button. Right now Touch ID can be used to lock and unlock the device, as well as authorize App Store and iTunes purchases. However, Apple promised to keep working on it and expand Touch ID’s functionality.

M7 motion chip

The M7 motion chip is exclusive to iPhone 5s and acts as a coprocessor that unloads the main processor. The M7 comes with an integrated accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass, and it can handle data measurements. The new chip will know whether you are walking or driving and it will smartly switch apps like maps to appropriate modes. Now your iPhone can act as a pedometer without the need for third party apps. But that’s not the most important feature of the M7. What sounds really good is that your iPhone will be able to tell when you are not moving and not using the device, so that it will reduce pinging and save battery as much as possible.

iSight camera upgrade

iPhone 5s saw an upgrade to the iSight camera. Since iPhone’s rear-facing camera is quickly becoming the world’s most popular camera, it’s only fair that it saw some important upgrades. Unlike Nokia, Apple is not simply boosting the number of pixels, but rather goes for the concept of “bigger pixels”. The iSight lens has a wider aperture at f2.2 and the CMOS sensor is larger by 15%. This will greatly improve the quality of pics taken with your iPhone.

So, there you have it – the most notable new features in iPhone 5s.

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