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Five Main Reasons Why Apple Rejects Apps


As an iPhone app developer, you can tell anyone that Apple’s review process used to be a total mystery. Thankfully, Apple posted some information on that should help you get a better idea why apps get rejected. We’ve decided to list the five main reasons for app rejections on our blog.

1. Crashes, bugs and broken links

Now this one is obvious. If your app is buggy and crashes, Apple will not accept it. Actually, you wouldn’t want it accepted because an app like that would get a bunch of one-star reviews really quickly. Also all links in your app should be working.

2. Substandard UI

Look at any edition of the iOS and you’ll understand that Apple values beautiful design. With the arrival of the latest iOS versions, the emphasis is on refined, clean and user-friendly interfaces. Make sure you read Apple’s design guides before you start designing your app to create an UI that is up to Apple’s standards.

3. Incomplete or outdated information

When you submit an app for review, you should provide Apple with all the necessary details using the App Review Information section of iTunes Connect. Make sure that you don’t forget anything, including checking your contact information. If your app requires signing in, provide Apple with a demo account.

4. Inaccurate descriptions and screenshots

If you still think that your app’s description is not all that important, you’re wrong. The description should clearly describe the app’s functionality and the screenshots you submit to the App Store should clearly demonstrate it. Fail to provide that and your app will get rejected.

5. Ads

When you submit an app, Apple asks you whether you use Advertising Identifier (IDFA) to serve ads. If you answer “Yes”, but your app doesn’t use ads or doesn’t display them properly, it will get rejected.

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