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How to Monetize Your App and Not Annoy Your Users


In a way, there are no free apps – there are monetized apps that users can use for free. But there is one problem. Users who like using apps without having to pay for them hate all sorts of monetization. They hate ads and they are not too keen on in-app purchases. So, what to do? Here are some tips that will help you monetize your apps and keep user annoyance level to the minimum.

Don’t overdo it

The first thing you should do is control yourself and avoid putting ads on next to every screen of your app. Try to put ads at natural break points within your app. For example, it’s safe to place an ad at the point where the user decides to exit the app. Or if it’s a game, consider putting an ad after the user completes several levels.

Target your ads

Typically, the ad network you are using will be monitoring your audience and doing its best to properly target the ads. But this doesn’t mean that you can sit back and relax. You should still monitor your ads and make sure your users are getting the right ads. This is especially important if you use localization and have an international audience.

Analyze which ads perform best

Another thing that you should do is use analytics to see which ads work and which don’t. You have to find that fine line between an annoying app, a subtle ad that doesn’t get any clicks and an ad that does its job – brings you revenue. Examine your user engagement and get rid of the ads that don’t perform.

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