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How to Turn Your Game Idea into a Mobile Game App


So you woke up one morning with a brilliant mobile game idea. You can visualize your game and you know that it’s going to be fun, addictive and everything else a cool game has to be. There’s one little problem, though – you need to get your game developed and you don’t know how to do it. The answer is to find mobile app developers who will take up your game project. But before you rush out to look for game developers, there are some things for you to consider.

Is your idea good for a game?

Contrary to what many people think, a game idea is not all about the storyline. Actually, it’s only 5% or less about the story and the rest about the gameplay. Think of Angry Birds – there’s next to no story there!

When professional mobile app developers start working on a game, they create a Game Design Document (GDD). The GDD literally describes every feature, action, and interaction of the game. What does each tap, swipe and button do? What happens if you choose the wrong turn? How do your enemies attack? It’s all in the Game Design Document.

What you need to understand is that your game idea has to convert into the GDD really well. If it doesn’t, then what you really have is an idea for a story. So, instead of looking for mobile app developers, you should head over to Kindle Direct Publishing and self-publish an eBook.

How will you sell your game?

If you think that developing your game is the tricky part, you’re mistaken. ┬áThe hardest thing in the mobile game industry is getting your game out there and promoting it. There are thousands of people with great game ideas and the App Store has thousands of different games. Will your game be able to compete with them all?

So, before you plunge into game development, you’ll need to do careful research and decide how you will promote your game and make it sell. You’ll need to decide whether it will be paid, free with in-app purchases, or ad-supported. You’ll need to work out a pricing model. And you’ll need to learn App Store Optimization (ASO) for your game to get a good position in the App Store search results. Without this your project will never be successful.

The bottom line

Having read about all the complications of turning your idea into a game, you are probably thinking that it’s not worth the trouble. It is worth the trouble, especially if your idea is really good. But you will need to work with professional mobile app developers to make your dream come true.

Mobile Game App Developers UK


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