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How to Boost Mobile Ad CTR by Editing Ad Headline


The goal of every mobile ad is to make people click through and install your app. But sometimes ads get tons of impressions that don’t lead anywhere. While there are many reasons why that could happen, the easiest remedy is to edit your ad headline.

Tweaking your ad headline is not as easy as you might think because you have to fit a lot into very few characters. The first step towards a better headline is trying to see it with your users’ eyes. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Is the headline relevant?
  • Does it offer an immediate benefit?
  • Does it tickle the reader’s curiosity?
  • Does it sound right for the target age group?
  • Does it look nice?

If you can honestly answer “Yes” to all these question, then you can launch a couple of versions of your ad and start A/B testing. If not, then you should try to fix your copy.

Make it relevant: while it’s good to be creative, you shouldn’t totally lose yourself in trying to sound super-cool. Remember that people need to understand straight away what the ad is about.

Offer a benefit and make the reader curious: your main goal is to get people to tap on the ad. There are two ways to make people want to check out your ad – to offer something they need and want, or to make them click on the ad out of curiosity. The best ad headlines do both.

Target the ad to the right age group: your headline should sound just right to your target audience. One of the most commonly missed factors is your audience’s age group. Make sure you’re not advertising a business app using a headline that sounds great for teenage gamers.

Make the headline look nice: your headline should not only read well, but also look nice. The title case always looks best, but sometimes it’s good to capitalize every word of the headline, including articles.

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