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How to Get Started with App Store Optimization


Are you getting ready to launch your app? Or do you want to improve its ranking on the App Store and get more organic search traffic? Then these simple tips will help you get started with App Store Optimization (ASO) the right way.

Think like your customers

As a developer, you know your app inside out, so your head is full of keywords that make sense to you. But do these keywords make sense to your users? When you are working on your ASO, you should stop thinking like a developer and imagine that you are an ordinary person looking for an app with a certain set of functions. Write down the keywords that come to mind and then search the App Store using them to see what they return. It also wouldn’t hurt checking these keywords for the number of monthly searches and competitiveness using App Annie, Sensortower or any other keyword tool to help you choose the best ones for your listing.

Use your strongest keyword in your app’s title

Once you’ve found the keyphrase you’re going to optimize for, make sure you can include it in your app listing’s title. Research by Kissmetrics shows that apps with a keyword in title rank 10% better on App Store search than apps without one.

Don’t ignore app description

It’s long been thought that the app description field is not as important from the ASO point of view as the title and keywords fields. Nevertheless, using your keywords in the description will do you good because you’ll get more keywords in your content. Just don’t overdo it and make sure the description reads well and tells what your app does because people actually read app descriptions.

These simple tips will help you get started with App Store Optimization. Just like SEO, ASO is an ongoing process, so keep reading about best ASO practices and keep revising your ASO strategy for best results.

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