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Top 10 Marketing Tools for Mobile App Developers


If you are a mobile app developer who already has a couple of apps on the App Store, then you probably know that marketing your app is just as important as actually developing it. If you’re a newby, then it’s best that you learn this early on. Just like with the development, you need the right tools to market your app successfully. We’ve assembled a collection of the top 10 app marketing tools for developers and decided to share them with you.

1. App Annie

App Annie is a great app that will give you App Store stats and analytics for free. And if you want more data to make smarter business decisions, then you should consider getting the premium version that includes all sorts of intelligence.

2. Distimo

This is another app that will help you do your research and get some insights. Distimo has features like app analytics, app IQ, conversion tracking, and you can also use your own API to export the data from the app.

3. Scoreloop

This is a very useful tool for mobile app developers. You can use it to monetize your game and increase your revenue thanks to the use of virtual currencies and new payment methods.

4. Appsplit

Having trouble finding a sponsor to fund your app idea? No problem! Appsplit is a cool crowdfunding platform that will help your idea take off.

5. Apptentive

Whether just or not, negative feedback can kill your app. Apptentive is a handy customer feedback control tool for mobile app developers that you should use to intercept negative feedback, put things right, and get feedback and ratings from satisfied customers.

6. Flurry Analytics

Getting reliable app analytics data is vitally important. Flurry Analytics gives you just that. Best of all, it’s free.

7. Placed

If you are a non-U.S. mobile app developer, then you may want to concentrate on people in your country. Placed will help you do that with powerful geo analytics and targeting.

8. Adxtracking

This is your ultimate tracking, analytics, advertising and campaign-planning app. It has tons of features that will help you market your apps on the App Store.

9. Pushwoosh

All right, the name is silly. But Pushwoosh is a great push notification app. You get unlimited messages, multi-lingual support, and rich push notifications among other things.

10. SearchMan

Just like on the Web, SEO (or actually ASO – app store optimization) is one of the keys to marketing your app. SearchMan will help you find the right keywords and help users find your app.

These ten tools should be used by all mobile app developers who want their app to become the next big hit.

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