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Videos on the App Store: What You Need to Know About App Preview

One of the big changes introduced with iOS 8 were App Previews – short videos posted on the app’s listing page that give users a taste of what the app looks and feels like. Creating an app preview for your apps is a must and your budget size doesn’t really matter. You can create great app previews with a really low budget. In this post we are going to share with you some things you need to know about App Preview.


Apple has published a set of rules for App Previews, which you can read here. In a nutshell, iTunes Connect will accept your video if it’s:

• 15 to 30 seconds long
• Compressed with H.264 MPEG or ProRes 422 (HQ) codecs
• 30 frames per second (30p)
• Under 100 MB
• A .mov, .mp4 or .m4v file

Also, the videos have to be uploaded using OS X Yosemite and Safari.

Some tips on creating the App Preview

And now let’s see what Apple wants you to include in your App Preview video. First of all, Apple wants you to create a video that shows your app in action and doesn’t look like an ad. Basically, make sure you include the actual footage of your app in use, so that people can get a feel of the app before they download it. Include your best features in the preview video to make it as compelling as possible. If you are an iPhone game developer, include caption of your game in play.

Another thing to remember is that Apple will not tolerate it if you edit your app’s experience to make the video look better than the actual app. And even if you manage to pull this through, users will kill you with a one-star rating. So, show your app exactly as it is at the resolution your app uses (no zooming in).

And last but not least, remember to create your App Preview in the language of your target audience. If your app is international, go for simpler English. And if it’s for China, the video should be in Chinese because App Previews don’t yet support localization.

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