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5 SEO Tips to Make Google Like Your Apps


If you are a part of the huge international mobile app developers community, then we’re sure you know a lot about how to develop your apps, how to submit them to the App Store, and how to do your ASO. But all this doesn’t mean you can forget your traditional SEO – after all, you still need your app to rank well on Google. So, here are 5 SEO tips that will help you get organic search traffic to your app.

1. Consider the app’s name

If your app is not yet published, now is the chance to do your research and find a great name for it. Remember that the name will act as an anchor text for links, so make sure it’s both catchy and optimized.

2. Link well

It’s very tempting to use the App Store’s default button to link to your app. But it’s not wise to use it all the time because Google likes links with different and relevant anchor text. So avoid wording like “click here” and “available on the App Store”. It’s better to use your app’s name in the link instead.

3. Use QR codes

QR codes are a great way to make it easier for your users to access your app. But what’s equally important is that QR codes influence search ranking. They can also be a powerful marketing tool. So make sure your app has one.

4. Use social media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – you should use them all to promote your app. A dedicated Twitter account and a Facebook page is a good start.

5. Connect with industry blogs

And last but not least, don’t forget to tell prominent industry bloggers about your app. Ask them to write an unbiased review of your app on their blogs and you’ll get lots of extra exposure plus lots of backlinks.

Getting Google to love your iOS app is not too hard. Develop a strategy and work towards your goal using proven white-hat SEO techniques. Google will love you for it and so will your users.

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