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4 Essential Tools for iPhone App Marketers and Designers


Just like every mobile app developer needs a set of solid tools, app marketers need software that will help them monitor competition and find the best ways to market their apps. These four tools are an absolute must for everyone who wants to make their app marketing efforts a success.

1. GoodUI is not exactly a tool for app developers and marketers, but it can be extremely useful if you want to improve your app’s UI. Good UI provides tips on how to make UI more user-friendly and how to make it do the marketing for you. In addition to the tips, the website’s team tests different designs with real people and shares the test results.

2. Usability Hub

This website is essential for testing your app’s or website’s usability. You get several options: a five-second test that shows what users remember from looking at your design for five seconds, an ask a question test where you can get answers from real people, a click test that shows you whether people find it easy or difficult to complete a certain task, a navigation flow test, and a preference test where people tell you which version they prefer.

3. Optimizely

A/B testing is really important for your app’s success and Optimizely makes A/B testing really easy. If coding is not your strong point, you can make visual changes on the go with Optimizely’s visual editor.

4. Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is a powerful analytics tool that can give you invaluable insights into your competition and the App Store trends. It’s a great tool for helping app marketers with their ASO efforts.

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