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Handy Cloud-Based Tools to Create a Mobile App Quickly and Easily


Do you want to build your own mobile app? If you want to create something really advanced, then it’s best to hire mobile app developers who will develop your app for you. But if all you want is a simple and quick app, then you should try these Cloud-based tools.

This is a really cool Cloud-based mobile app development platform that has visual development tools and integrated backend services. supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and it’s really easy to use. There is a free plan for you to try, which is more than enough for a newbie developer.


If you have next to no programming experience and want to build a mobile app using drag & drop, then you’ll love Codiqa. This tool is very easy to get the hang of, it can build cross-platform mobile apps, and it has a handy preview mode to test your apps. Codiqa uses HTML5 to build apps.

Mobile Conduit

Conduit used to have a pretty bad reputation because it used to install browser toolbars, but their mobile app development platform is really good. It’s the easiest Cloud-based mobile app development tool you can find because it requires no coding, and it’s great for creating free apps. If you want an app to promote your brand, you can use Mobile Conduit very effectively.

This company’s motto is that “custom analytics shouldn’t be a pain in the backend” and it’s exactly what does. The company provides pretty powerful analytics that can be embedded into your app. You can fully customize all the features and you can store as much data as you want in the cloud. There is no limit.

There are lots of other cool mobile app development tools, but these ones will help you get started without having to install any software on your computer.

Mobile Game App Developers UK


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