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3 Effective Ways to Promote Your iOS App


There are thousands of different apps on the App Store and soon there will be millions. This is great for users, but not so great for app developers. The sheer quantity of iOS apps makes it really hard for your app to get noticed, let alone become popular. You can spend all the time and money in the world on mobile app development, but if you don’t promote your app the right way, it will get buried by hundreds of other apps. In this post we’ll share with you 3 very effective ways to promote your iOS app.

1. Get your app reviewed

Reviews are a powerful promotional tool. Nobody would download an app with low rating and no reviews (or even worse – bad reviews). In addition to that, the App Store gives apps with lots of positive reviews and high rating a head start in search results. So it’s really important to have a high quality app that will attract good reviews. And it wouldn’t hurt to ask your friends and colleagues to download, test, and review your app on the App Store.

In addition to App Store reviews, don’t forget to pitch your app to prominent bloggers specializing in iOS app reviews. Send them the app, tell them why it may interest their readers, and ask them to write an unbiased review. Not only will you get objective feedback, but you will also get someone to spread the word about your app.

2. Use social media

Everybody is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and tons of other social media platforms. If your app doesn’t have a dedicated account on all these services, then you are ignoring a powerful free promotional tool. Get your app out there, organize contests, giveaways, surveys, and do everything to attract new followers. If your app is very visual, Pinterest is a good platform to promote it. Also consider starting a blog on Tumblr and link it with your company blog if you have one.

3. Become the “App of the Day”

There are countless websites that do some sort of “App of the Day” feature. A lot of them would include the app in their newsletter and some would even send the app directly to their subscribers’ devices. If possible, feature your app this way and it will pay off.

Remember that these ways to promote your app will only work if your app is top quality. If it’s not, all you’ll get is a bunch of negative feedback.

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