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3 Websites to Help You Crowdfund Your App


If you are an indie app developer, you know how difficult it is to find the funds to develop a new app. For many developers crowdfunding is a lifesaver. While crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter are an obvious choice, it can prove to be more successful to use a crowdfunding website designed specifically for mobile app developers. Here are three of them.


Appsplit is an all-in-one platform for apps when it comes to funding. There you can crowdfund your app, sell your app’s source code, and even find the professionals you need for developing your app. Starting a crowdfunding campaign is as easy as telling people about your app idea.


AppsFunder is a platform that connects mobile app developers with funders. This platform is a smaller one, but it’s very attractive for both the developers and the funders. The key is that every funder could double his investment by getting a share of the app’s future revenues. For example, if you give £20, you’ll get £40 back when the app starts generating revenue.


While TechnoFunding is not a dedicated mobile app development crowdfunding platform, it’s still a great website to get funds from. The benefits of TechnoFunding are that it’s dedicated to technology and science projects and that it supports donations in several different currencies. The minimum donation is just $1, which makes it easy for everyone to help you with your project. Starting a campaign is quick and easy, too.

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