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4 Tips for Any ASO Campaign


We’ve already written several articles about App Store Optimization (ASO). In today’s post we are going to give you four tips you should follow for any ASO campaign. No matter whether you are an iOS game or business app developer, these tips will help you optimize your App Store strategy.

1. Choose your title and use it well

When you choose a name for your app, you should make sure that the users will be able to understand what the app is about by just looking at its name. Titles that describe the app’s functions in one way or another tend to do better than apps with general titles.

2. Stick to your chosen category

The App Store has lots of different categories for all sorts of apps. Make sure your app fits into a particular category and is not sort of floating in between. Remember that your app has to be relevant. Otherwise it won’t perform well (that is, if it gets approved by the App Store).

3. Pay attention to feedback

Your users are your best friends. Even when they are not happy about something, their feedback will give you a chance to get things right. Rather than sulking at negative feedback use it to improve your app. Your users will love you for it.

4. Keep updates in check

If you want your app to do well on the App Store, make sure you release a top quality product. It’s better to delay the release than put a buggy app on the App Store and try to fix everything with updates. Your updates should only address minor issues.

These tips are not exactly focused on keywords and other traditional ASO stuff, but following them will help you with get better visibility and placement on the App Store.

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