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iPhone iOS6 App Store Changes: What it Means for Users and app development companies London


While this is most certainly frustrating for users, it’s even worse for game app developers. A lot of app and game development companies London, including some iOS app developers in London, complain that the changes made to the App Store caused a noticeable drop in sales. The main reason for that is the new search feature that only displays one search result per page instead of a list, and inconsistent search results that keep fluctuating.

The release of iPhone 5 and iOS6 is still one of the most popular tech topics discussed on the Web. When the new iOS6 was first released, a lot of people were excited about it. However, for some the excitement quickly changed to disappointment because of the changes to the App Store that came with iOS6 and Apple’s acquisition of Chomp.

The changes made to the App Store affected both users and developers around the world, including London app developers. iPhone and iPad users are still trying to get used to the new horizontal scrolling and cards that have been introduced instead of the search results list. This change makes the search slower, as the user has to swipe through every single search result. But that’s not the most frustrating thing about the updated App Store. What users find increasingly annoying is the changes in how search works. Not only has it become difficult to find the app they want because of the new way search results are displayed. The worst bit is that brand new iOS game development and app releases are often impossible to find unless you have a direct link. While this is not exactly a new problem, it has become worse with the release of the iOS6 App Store. Basically, new releases even from famous iPhone game development companies take several hours (sometimes up to a day) to appear in the search results.

In addition to that, the new iOS6 App Store’s search results now significantly vary from country to country. This is a significant change, especially for non-US developers. A lot of London app developers say that now the number of downloads in a certain country affects the app’s position in the search results. If there are a lot of downloads, the app will be higher. But if there are only a few downloads in a certain country, there is a good chance for the app to be buried. For example, if a game has a lot of downloads in the UK, it will be high in the UK search results. But if there are only a few downloads in Ireland, the game won’t be nowhere near the top in the Irish search results.

The size of the App Store with more than 700,000 apps and games doesn’t help either. This works against both developers and users, making it hard for the users to find what they are looking for. Surprisingly enough, searching for an app or a game using its exact name doesn’t work well anymore because iOS6 App Store returns off-target search results. Again, this varies from country to country, but users complain that they often have to swipe to the third or fourth search result to find the app they were looking for.

So, what does this mean for iPhone game development companies? First of all, it means that their submission process and marketing strategies have to be revised. Swipe cards mean that now the developer has a better chance to use app or game description to attract users and encourage them to download. In addition to that, there is a better opportunity to market new app features.

Another big change is that now stuffing keywords into game titles won’t help. The new layout is responsible for that because there is no room to display longer titles that use keyword stuffing techniques. Basically, titles have to be kept short, as longer titles get truncated. For example, “Angry Birds Free” fits on the swipe card, while “Angry Birds Seasons” doesn’t and gets truncated.

And last but not least, reputable game developers UK suggest paying extra attention to App Store SEO (ASO), which is becoming increasingly important. With the changes to the App Store, being proficient in ASO can give London app developers a huge advantage over the competition and help them appear at the top of the search results.

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